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Kit will include the Minarelli Hybrid Engine with custom intake and Olyin VM20 Carburetor and MZ65 Tuned Exhaust.


** Kit does not include other accessories required to fully motorized a bicycle such as sprocket, cdi, cables, levers, gas tank, and etc. Kit is an upgrade! Only includes Minarelli Hybrid Engine, Mz65 Exhaust, VM20 carb, and high performance foam intake.**


Some notes on the setup:


- Olyin Triple 40 80cc bottom

- 40mm wide front mounting mouth

- M8 mounting studs

- M6 jug rods

- ZL40mm Balanced Crank

- SKF bearings

- Minarelli double slot windowed 47mm piston

- Minarelli circlips

- Performance needle bearing

- Minarelli 49.9 cubic centimeter jug

-Total cc is 69cc

- Double gasket reed valve

- 21mm intake direct bolt on @ 48mm distance

- 48mm intake gaskets

- Minarelli Exhaust thick gasket

- CNC precision cut spacer for maximized airflow at transfer ports

- Specifically designed Head made for the Minarelli setup

- 40mm square pattern head gasket

- Prime-OHM 2 wire magneto

- Heavy Duty double reinforced red strip Magneto

- Upgraded K Stored clutch spring

- Racing clutch pads

- Z8C spark plug



Purchaser will only receive the engine , intake, and exhaust. This is a highly upgraded performance setup. Only install on a bike that is designed specifically for motorized bicycle engines.


Death, damage to property, or injury may occur. Buyer assumes ALL responsibility for installation, maintenance, and use.

Minarelli Hybrid 69cc w/ MZ65 Tuned Exhaust and VM20 Carb w/ Filter

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